Thursday, 28 February 2019

How to Fly a Jackdaw as an Alpha Clone

Let me talk a little about the Guardian's Gala. I do not really like it - but it did provide the challenge of hull and fit that could do the site. That is what keeps the game for me, not to get stale. Having an objective, setting a goal. That is the greatest challenge of Eve Online. It's what has kept me interested in playing for over 9 years. You as player need to be somewhat driven to; know how to set an objective, then have the determination to achieve it.

Or just join a major alliance and get told how to complete someone else's objective. Be always at war with Eurasia, and appreciate the lowering of the Chocolate ration to 20 grams.On a side note, I actually saw 1984, in 1984 and was saddened by it being the final role of Richard Burton's career. But it one of his finest performances and I highly recommend viewing that film. Oh, I got side-tracked.

My thought about the Gala was using a Typhoon. Another side note, Minmatar ship names always remind me of Hawker aircraft names. So pretty much the next fighting ship that comes out for the Minmatar should be called the "Fury". It just makes sense. But, I cannot fly Minmatar battleships. Because I am a drone specialist,. which means Gallante, maybe some Amarr or Sisters of Eve.

But the newer AI is just "Death to Drones". Which is what prompted me to buff up my Missile skills. As an Industrialist I can say that Missiles (indeed any ammunition) is straight forward to make. Mostly Scourge BPO's across the sizes, because of the Serpentis and the racial lock of the Caldari. The other thing is Alpha's cannot use Sentries or tech2 Heavies. Sentries are (now were) my go to for Dominix. Because Sentries are the Honey Badgers of weapons platform. They do not care if you are a NPC frigate through to NPC Battleship. I cannot use Micro Jump Drives either - which was my method of kiting in a Security Mission.

I originally started out a X-Large CL5, which actually worked holding its tank against the Gala battleship. The capacitor would last about 2min 40sec under that sort of abuse. Plus I was using Heavy Missiles. So basically I reached this conclusion about 2hours before the Gala ended. I switched down to a Large Shield Booster, to be cap-stable.

But this fit is not that ship, but I am having blast just doing the casual Anomalies that can be directly warped to. Those are actually the Frigate version of named Compact Light Missile launchers. I am not using Rapid Lights. I also tried Rockets, but they only reach up to 12km. And some of the NPC riff-raff dare kite me at outside that range.

The Secret Source is using an Auto-Targeter. I was inspired Delonewolf's Auto-Jackdaw. The Auto-T is a little buggy. It may need to go through a couple of cycles before it will counter-lock ships that are targeting you. It does say in the description that it add 3 more locks when active. But just having it fitted adds that 3. I sometimes used use one on the Dominix. (as a former logi-bro, I have maxed target lock count) although a F-89 maybe the superior choice - if you can spare a Low Slot. Once the auto has collected several targets just keep re-starting the missile salvos which complete after each kill.

The nice factor the Cyclone is the two aux high-slot. An Omega could through in a Fleet Boost to self-raise resists or better capacitor management. (boosts are also something I cannot do. Alphas cannot use auto-targeting missiles either. This does get as close as you can. to emulating an Omega only hull. I do not see a lot of Cyclones and always have a tender spot for under-dogs. (no Gilas here, mate).

In the end, I am just having fun.