Wednesday, 3 January 2018

The Decision

Very soon I will clock another anniversary with Internet Spaceships. Being an annual subscriber, it therefore raises the question of whether I continue as an Omega account.

Since at least half my game play is related to Industry.

  • A downgrade to an Alpha would restrict me to; ore or gas mining a Venture. 
  • No ability to invent or produce Tech2 goods. 
  • Limited to tech1 haulers
  • Extremely limited production queue.
  • No access to Planetary Interaction.
I could still try my hand at level 4 Mining Missions, but to complete 45,000 m³ in a Venture without boost is at least an hour and half.

As a mission runner, my damage dealer is sentry drones. Whilst I would retain battleship access, it is virtually worthless for me to change over to an alternative weapon platform.

No cloaking, so there goes Wormhole explanation.

Is this what being a Bitter Vet means? Too many Damsels and too many asteroids? 

It's not about the actual cost of subscribing. 

I have kept myself going through goal setting. But I have clocked off the ones within my reach and desire. Perhaps within the time, CCP might enlighten the faithful with a vision of things to come. 

I have also previously done "skill queue online" as well, that's always Door #2.

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