Thursday, 25 January 2018

In Memoriam

When it was offered I purchased the Blaze set of ship skins. Even though none of the ships offered in the skin-set are actually in my hanger. I wanted do something in support. It was gratifying to see from CCP that this was a rousing success from the Eve player-base.

Of course I do have all of the Battlecruisers at V. Which I had trained when it was a singular skill. This mean I can fly the Oracle. So off I went. In the local constellation there was a reasonably priced hull, but oddly a limited selection of meta Large Lasers. So I ended up with eight Meta 3 Large Lasers equipped with Standard crystals.

In case someone figures it out, being a drone pilot and no Ishtar? The ship gets a bad a rap as the movie. But personally, I just do not like the hull. (I don't fly Vexors either).

Fun, though more bitter sweet to undock the Oracle.

o7 CCP Blaze.

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