Saturday, 2 December 2017

December Release PvE content

The forth coming December release sees more content to The Agency. With Rogue Drones the focus this time.

I just had to admire the swirling lights around the hull. Similar to the effects around stations, but on a condensed scale. It gives the Swarm Overmind Primus the look of attendant micro drones. Around the crown of the hull and along the bottom edge. This Drone Battleship comes from running Low Security site.

Currently on Sisi is the new Alpha Clone skill range. This is a gallente clone, using an Amarrian Faction Battleship with eight Large YF-12a Smartbombs. Not something I would recommend long term. Particularly for the High-Sec sites. It does get the job done, and as a point of interest a lot faster that the Blaster fitted Thorax I later tested as a possible option for High Security sites. This was especially true when a swarm of smaller class drone deployed from a nearby Drone structure, a smartbomb battleship quickly clears everything. Even though they are my wrecks per-se,  I still got a 60 second flag attacking another player. (but not Concorded).

The Swarm Overmind keep out of the range of the Smartbombs. Requiring that I switch over a megathron with hybrids. 425 Prototypes with antimatter. Battleships for Alphas, with large guns, what's not to like.

The Low Security had two speciality drones drop loot. They both dropped an amazing number of skins.

Interesting to see blueprints from Drone Battleship in the loot. And again a significant number of ship skins for a variety of factions and techs.

I also wanted to see if there are any changes within Industry for the December Alpha Clone update. Zero - slight exaggeration. You are still restricted to the Venture, no other Outer Ring hulls and the actual mining laser volume does not increase. Whilst this is a former Omega with the second tier of Mining skill, Astrogeology trained to Level 5. The skill not active or available for use. I suggested in a comment to a Crossing Zebra article that this might be to promote more consumption within the Eve economy. But also would remove the temptation to multi-box a fleet of alpha clones mining. If in the future there is a industry Beta Clone option; it would have to be extremely complex and restricted to prevent abuse. It maybe more effort than CCP is willing to invest. Plus the focus on conflict has always been been the way in which Eve attracts external attention. If you thinking of subscribing for an expanding skill range as a temporary boost; but intend to return to Alpha, you would strongly advised avoiding Industry skills. About the only growth available would be for non-Gallente citizens to access the Gallente specialised Industrials for hauling. Personally, I think that there should be the Kryos (minerals), Epithal (PI materials) and Miasmos (Ore bay) for an omni-racial faction. For casual access by Alphas, which would be better than "you must train Gallente". The only other minor point would be that access to more shield skills will give the Venture increased fitting options for Alpha pilots that are not Caldari or Minmatar.

Being able to practically blitz through a Rogue Drone site with Smartbombs, that made it fun.

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