Tuesday, 21 November 2017

The Secret They don't want you know..

I did use Photoshop to remove the location, but will say that it is somewhere in High Security space. These are the numbers as listed on the Mining Ledger. In Quality Assurance and Player Tested we trust.

Mined with a Barge not an Exhumer. Nor a rorqual?! Some people just need a bigger ship to make up for certain short comings. Look, I do not mine for the income - so I do not really pay attention to the wallet. Just the soothing hum of the lasers as the rocks melt.

You say that you have never heard of these ores? Not a surprise, you are not dedicated to the Path of the Miner.

Seriously. These ores are pseudo asteroids which occur in Level 4 Mining Missions. Typically the mission requires about 45,000 m³ of ore. They are simulations of the high end null/Wormhole ores. Indeed you can actually use the mining crystals on these mission ores. e.g. Arkonor mining crystals work with Polygypsum ore. Though generally I just use Tech1 mining strips.

A post for another time when I write up about pros and cons of this content.

For now, seeing worthless ores outscoring the endeavours of Capital Ships, that made it fun.

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