Thursday, 9 November 2017


With a few days vacation up my sleeve, I aimed for the new PvE content.

I ended up with a Merlin skin for all my efforts. The nice thing about the mining goals, was it enabled me to review market orders and planetary interactions. I have both of these I have allowed lapse over time, spiralling towards "skill queue online".

Most of my market action is mining gear. This has prompted my interest in the new moon mining crystals. Of course it remains to be seen whether I will ever actually get to mine from moons - even if it promoted to High Security space. But, since I happened to be mapped for Industry skill learning, I have queued the 5 new crystal skills.

I have wondered occasionally if there is a sideline in "hiring out" my refining skills, many of which are maxed. It would have to work as some sort of collateral trade to build trust. And how would I fee this sort of service?

As for moons, I hope that CCP soon releases some statistics about uptake in new Refineries. I would like to be proven wrong, but I see the death of Low Security moon harvesting in this change. Let's say some Low Security mob approached me. About the only way I would agree would be through being paid in advance. Three times my mining ship value, as Insurance. It's nice to dream.

Here, I have achieved the required standing of 7 for Resource Wars. The reward isn't the objective. The reward came from completing objectives under time pressure. Managing all aspects of the ship in a hostile environment. Designing ship fittings which would handle all of the specifics of the desired result. I went a little overboard, using a deadspace fitted Prospect to semi-blitz the L2 solo. Most of my deadspace modules have come from 4/10 explorations. Just gathering dust in the hanger. (that actually happens by the way, my ships do not get cleaned).

As a point of interest check zkill for npc daredevil kills. And that is just the Gallente Resource Wars.

So, mining but without the usually automated "go make a coffee and sandwich" afk style. That made it fun.

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