Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Refining the Singularity

With the forth coming refineries in Eve Online rounding out the Citadel line-up, I decided to launch into the test server for a glimpse of the future. Originally I had only intended to setup a High Security anchorage so that I could compare refining returns between this new offering and the NPC stations baseline 50%. I would gauge the risk of a space asset verses the greater reward of more refining returns, and perhaps the ability to charge visitors. There is also the question about whether I aim for Low Security ores which occur in high-sec mining anomalies.

Whilst all of the these questions and more bounced around - I thought why not anchor and moon mine?

So I picked a NPC Null Security system at random. Packed up my Deep Space Transport with;

  • Medium Refinery (8000m3)
  • Medium LNS II rig
  • Reprocessing Plant
  • Moon Laser
I had previously scanned through the system with scan probes. Tip, align to the moon then shot the probe. I originally wanted to use a Stratios, but ended up with a Co-Processed and Overclocked Asterio fitting for survey.

I had to wait the requisite 24 hours for the anchoring². This shot is after the laser has fired. (Something, Something Rubik's Cube, Something, Something I shot the moon). I really did not know what I was doing, and had already initiated the Schedule.

After the laser shoots the moon, there is a 48 hour cycle as the lunar piece is tractored towards the Refinery. 

The Schedule shows me what was indicated in the survey probe report. (sorry I did not screen that). 

After the 2 days, I can now FIRE LASER. (I can hear the voice of Peter Cushing as I click).

The laser fires and a rather impressive explosion occurs. Afterward there is a bunch of asteroids nearby the Refinery. 

I undocked in a Prospect fitted with Elana Upgrades and Miner Laser IIs. Then just warped to a selected rock. The created belt itself does not show in the overview. 

Whilst I did a little mining, an NPC battleship and two NPC cruisers appeared. I fought them with my signature tank. So, as it stands it can be done without the specialized Mining Crystals.

Some ore harvested and now to actually refine.

Lacking the Ubiquitous Moon Ore Processing skill. I am not sure even if I will train these. I have not done the math, but it looks like the Beancounter is a factor. 

  • It would be nice if the 24 hour citadel anchor time could be waived for testing.
  • According to the feedback thread, there is supposed to be a command to waiver the 48 schedule
  • More Mining Crystals. There are already 16 in two tiers. Now three more. Mining Lasers have both tech 1/2 and modular versions - I wish Strips also had this flavor options. 
  • The frustrating rig limits. Image if you needed separate rigs in separate hulls for kinetic missiles and thermal - but they do the same thing. If I can take a Combat Battlecruiser, and sacrifice a slot to obtain a second command boost - could this be possible with the Refinery?
  • With the sizes commencing at the Medium size, will we ever see a Small option? Not only for small corps and individuals. But expanding into the military purpose of a Forward Fire Base?

To be honest, I am extremely unlikely to do this on Tranquility. But it was fun to learn that ninja mining those moons is possible without specialized modules or skills. 

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