Thursday, 29 September 2016

Testing on the Burst

Logging into Sisi recently I was greeting with redeemables in the offering of 10 each of the new Command Link Burst modules and 5 Skill Injectors.

I elected to try out some mining bursts just a Myrmidon Battlecruiser. Here I have two links and a Command Co-Processor. But the Processor does not work with Bursts. Currently the new rigs for fitting additional bursts do not appear to be available on the market.

I chose the Myrmidon because I could also fit a Miner Laser II. Plus because it will fly a lot faster to the station which carried the required Burst Charges. There are three different charges available for mining bursts. Better minds than me will need to crunch the numbers to see if 500 Heavy Water will have a impact or not. At the least it means added value to Ice Mining - but I would not be surprised if a) these numbers are subject to change b) the current market stockpile will provide some cushion to the change. But Caveat Emptor for you early investors.

I quickly discovered that I could fit multiple bursts, but only have one active a time. Also note that I have Foreman implant, which did not change the 50km range of both Bursts. I will assume that the artwork of the charge is a placeholder from the Small Iron Hybrid Charge and hopefully something artistic is in the works.

Each burst holds 25 charges, the cycle time is 60 seconds and the reload is 10 seconds.

The burst icon over the capacitor with an active burst. One interesting note is that I am solo in all shows, and have not even set a fleet to enable the bursts on myself. But this is early days.

Here is my ship. At the start of each Burst cycle there is a aura which shines briefly.

It was fun to see something new and give a go.

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