Thursday, 17 December 2015

The Endurance Ice Mining Frigate

Before I launch into my discovery with the Endurance, I wish to thank Mynxee who directed me to the in-game channel of Eve Scout and a special thanks to Carrie Frog who supplied me with direction to navigate the /moveme command - which is used on Sisi.

Starting with, the Endurance is invented from the Venture BPC - and now gives the option of the Prospect Tech2 Frigate or the Endurance for the outcome. It uses the same input components as the Prospect, just in a difference ratio. (Basically, if you can turn out Prospects, then you are ready capable for Endurances).

To read the Developer notes and ship features; please visit

5% reduction to Ice Harvesting duration skill level Expedition Frigates
5% reduction to Ice Harvesting duration per skill level Mining Frigate
50% reduction to Ice Harvesting duration for the Role Bonus
Just focusing on its primary role, it gets significant Ice Harvesting concession. The Venture will outperform the Endurance in both ore and gas mining hands down. In terms of Ice mining, it slightly performs under the Procurer - which has the lowest of yields in the barges. 

This ship is not intended as a replacement to mining barges or exhumers. If you are currently skilled for either, then you also have access the Medium Ice Harvester Accelerator I, there is no Small for the Frigates. (confirmed by CCP in the earlier linked thread).

Ice Mining Power!

Here, I have fitted one of the new Ice Mining Laser I's to a Prospect. Even though you can fit like this. (note is will not fit to the tech1 Venture). It does not receive any bonus for doing so, the single turret of the Endurance will be more yield than the twin Prospect.

The top question would most likely come from High Security Ice Miners. Can I benefit from an Endurance? I would have say no, as the barges offer more EHP defence and better yields. Although I did have some fun using a 10mn pushing 2,000 m/s - not something needed with direct warp-in available to the Ice Anoms. Basically you are already using the best the game has to offer for yield/defence - the Endurance is a backward step.

Of course the other factor to raise is that the Endurance has an impressive 15,000m3 ore hold, equal to the Skiff. 

So, what about outside of High-Sec? It is careful to note that the Endurance has some bonus to cloaking ability -  but is excluded from the Covert Ops cloak. Which would also exclude it from BLOPS bridging available to the Prospect and possible support such as Blockade Runners. (I certainly have never heard of any mining crew utilising BLOPS for penetration into the rare harvestables of low/null). 

One of primary reasons for the Endurance, is to access the Ice anon belts of the Shattered Class Wormholes. These allow frigate and destroyer access only. This is why I reached out to Signal Cartel for assistance. I wanted access to Shattered Wormholes on Sisi. Firstly, install the Beta Launcher to access Sisi. It simplifies the entire process of maintaining separate Eve installs. Choose Sisi from the server drop list, any updates and log into the client. It was that easy.

One append, the actual command is "/moveme". This brings up a list of destinations you can immediately jump into. The list contains the five primary trade systems, Thera, some null systems and several wormhole systems. The J0 (two of them) either will take you into a shattered wormhole. The J00 is a small ship wormhole, I spent time exploring to discover that it is has an exit into a C2, C4 and a Null exit. The recent irony was that I had never previous located one of this style WH on Tranquility until last weekend. On a day-tip into a Class2 and scanned one down. 

Ice reaching to the Heavens

Of course this is the primary raison d'être for the Ice Mining Frigate - as well as the excuse for a massive ore hold. It is possible to bring the Foreman and/or Shield boost support in terms of the tech2 command destroyers. But sadly no access to logistical support such as Deep Space or Blockade Transport. Plus I say that the three scout drones will not have any effect against the Sleepers which eventually show to defend the ice. Perhaps if you were apart of a significant mining fleet, and flotilla of drones might prevail - I needed to exit the stage several times whenever the Sleepers showed up. 

However all racial types of ice is available here. If you require the products from ice, this potentially is a one-stop-shop to refuel when other sources of ice are unavailable (standard WH) or exhausted local ice. 

The slot layout 3 High (only one turret), 4 Mid and 3 Low; suggest a shield fit. Two utility would allow for a probe launcher and Prototype Cloak. (there is no gain to use the Improved Cloak). Which is how pretty much I tested this ship in flight.  As a side note, one of my adventures had me exit into k-space to the system of Steve's Wreck - the very first titan killed in Eve. Of course I did a flyby. 

The larger drone bay capacity of 60m3 and 30ms (three light drones in space) provide some flexibility to the mining pilot, over the sister ship which has no drones or the tech1 base which only has 10/10 for drones. (think about utility drones like logistics or salvagers or ewar)

For a new pilot to Eve, you could possibly just develop the frigates as your harvesting tool-kit and turn towards other areas of game play. The ORE Frigates (Venture and Prospect) excel in gas harvesting - however in terms of ore or ice mining, the barge/exhumer will significantly perform better.  Additionally, a fitted Endurance will fit into the Fleet Hold of a Deep Space Transport (no room for much else), providing a mobile mini-base of operation. (hint The Level Four Mining Thukker agent).

One other thing I did in Sisi testing was to run missions of ORE at Outer Ring NPC null security. These missions are the same as the level four in high security. But expect up to Battleship class NPCs to spawn into the mission area. I have been into the ORE stations on Tranquility back in 2012. (maybe if I get a lucky WH connection, I might go again). Personally I am not a proponent of the ORE faction items. They really only offer the shortcut to learning a harvesting skill to level five. Training the skill is the superior option over bling/piñata. 

From the small batch I have manufactured so far, I kept one as a novelty. Flying around on Sisi seeing places I am normally rarely likely to encounter made it fun.

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