Saturday, 2 May 2015

When the circus comes to town.

The one thing to know about above all others regarding Incursions, is that this type of PvE requires a major time commitment. So, I get the opportunity once within six months to fly logistics.

Firstly, speaking as a manufacturer, I get good turn over of the munitions, drones and rigs I sell. I don't have to move items to the local trade hub. If you looking at attempting something similar - consider the location within context of the faction. If you are in Amarr space, can you import the BPOs for large hybrid and projectile ammunition? Of course, Incursions are random events - it is not a solid business model. But for the next few days you can have decent market for consumables. As a side line I have a couple of Onerios hulls for the next time the circus comes to town.

If you are looking just to maintain your regular PvE activities, then my best suggestion is to move Constellations out of the Incursion. Most of the asteroid belts will have tough frigate and cruiser rats - this will include intrusions into any mining anomalies. Or the bounty missions payouts will be halved. Your PI, manufacturing and research will continue per normal.

If however you are at the peak of Level 4 mission running and looking at a natural progression - then Incursions can possibly provide the next tier for you. Incursion fleets are sharply divided between shield and armour doctrines. Many of the stronger communities advertise the ships and their fits which they expect a pilot to fly. This will give those interested in flying against the Sansha foreknowledge of the skill and material expectation. You will find that different fleets will have a different prospective about how a ship is to be fitted. Which can be as simple as which ammo to use. Needless to say, whatever the direction of doctrine level 5 skills across the board is very highly recommended. You may need to invest into a Navy , Marauder or Pirate Faction battleship. Not to mention tech2 weaponry, modules and even rigs.

The toughest trick comes with then taking a significant investment of time and isk, then turning it over in trust to a bunch of strangers. They could be incompetent, intentional malignant or just unlucky with a disconnection. Do not fly what you cannot afford to lose.

Your initial foray into Incursions may see you wanting more than a hour to get a fleet invite. As a courtesy when you are in fleet, attempt to provide the Fleet Commander with advance notice when you are going to leave the fleet. And finally it can be expected that you have installed voice-comm such as Team Speak or Mumble or (insert your version). You will need to be able to hear and sometimes even speak with the fleet. Occasionally because of the hour of the night, I explain to the FC that my conversation is limited - and this has not been a problem yet. As along as I can hear orders.

The isk is nice (somewhere between Very and Obscene), but if it was only ever the isk - why would I bother with anything else? Its a game after all - I go there for as always because it was fun.

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