Thursday, 2 April 2015

Sunday Morning and the Hum of Mining Lasers

My game is compromised a cycle of PvE and poor attempts at market PvP. Using the resources from each of activities I usually assemble drones, munitions and various rigs.

During some of the security missions it is possible to obtain and for a limited time maintain a personal asteroid belt.

For this shot I turned up all of the graphic options, which generates the asteroid debris. Here I am in Level 4, The Score. which contains a sizeable amount of Pyroxeres. This belt will self-replace per downtime. This opening pocket of The Score contains numerous frigates, cruisers and battlecruisers. Which needs to be cleared each reset. The benefit to Pyroxeres is nocxium. And being the only ore here, makes sense to use Tech2 and mining crystals. Currently I am participating in three ship fleets with myself operating as both hauler and base booster.

I am using a Skiff, since there is some space to cover between the arrival point and the asteroids. The skiff being the fastest of barge/exhumer class. A Deep Space Transport is the hauler, a deployable tractor at the warp-in will make the shuttle runs faster. An orca is an option, but the DST is easier to train for, has better flexibility in usage and attracts less unwarranted attention.

Other missions of choice are Break Their Will (with score and veld) and Recon 1/3 with a massive veld belt. Recon can only be done once, and a ship will always need to remain on grid to prevent the site de-spawning.

As a word of caution you can be scanned down. Keep an eye on local and the regular d-scan for combat probes. Change the name of jet cans to a time stamp. This provides a gauge to expiry, which can last up to 2 hours before popping. However I recommend not letting cans accumulate. A sudden disconnect or hostile intrusion can cost you hours of effort.

As for which ship - the others use a retriever when there is a need to cross manage PI, Industry, Contracts and Market orders. For maximum yield, a coveter with mining drones plus mining drone rigs. This ship needs micro-management because with skills and tech2 crystals you hit 4.2k ore per cycle to fill the 7k ore hold. In some missions procurers or skiffs are beneficial to cover the distances. Security depending, NPC hostiles will occasionally spawn - so be wary of the fragile mining drones if you use those. 

This site in particular enabled me to fire up my industry lines and resume production of various drones. Shoring up my shortage of the mineral pyrite. Fleet chat was lively over the fanfest offerings - and as always, it was fun.

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