Thursday, 19 March 2015

Exploring and other vices

Outside of my modest efforts in Industry, I do some Exploration. Many moons ago, I training into Probing to locate Grav Sites inside of High Security for mining profit. The ability to access ores normally reserved for low-sec. Some time past the ores sites were converted to warp-to anomalies, and I felt that the skills I had trained were redundant. Since the revamp to Data and Relic sites, as well as a taste for adventure I scan for the unknown.

Normally I can get 100% by 2AU. In this instance I persisted with three attempts - each time making slight adjustments to improve the success. My Astero Frigate was fit with an Sisters Expanded Launcher, some Pinpoints in the mids, co-processors in lows and an overlocker or two rigged. (long story for another time why the Expanded). So refit in a scan rig for more strength and belated learn after purchasing two, that the calibration is only 350 - and can only fit one 200. Swapped over to a Sisters Probe Launcher, two RangeFinding Mids, Tech2 Relic and Analyser, small Fuelled armour rapper (plus paste), meta overdrive and two T2 ENAMS. By this stage my probe scan strength is 127 and the scan was the result. Still not locked?! Clone Jump into Prospector implanted clone and third time is the charm. Pause...

Yet another lesson. I bookmarked the site and swapped over to a prophesy battlecruiser. The lows are stuffed with 1600 plate, resists and twin medium reppers - meta 4. A MWD (A must for this site) with the data/relic mids a cap batt, complete with a tractor in a high. slot I had previously lost an astero in one of these sites to the AOE damage which gets triggered by the unwary. And sure enough there is already a covert-ops wreck in the site. The shields quickly evaporate, but I can pulse the non-cap stable reps to explore this rare site. The cans are very difficult compared my experiences with regular data/relic sites in high-sec. Still, I pull some interesting sleeper loot. But I leave the site incomplete as the repetitive failure of hacking becomes frustrating.

All in all, rare content and nice to be surprised with an unusal exploration site. Definitely fun.

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