Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Planetary Interaction and Reaction

Some time ago I put efforts into an alternative slot for the purpose of having a nomadic character perform planetary interaction within a wormhole. The core of the concept was that the character would solely rely on a Prowler fitted with Covert Ops and Probe Launcher. Performing lucrative PI, probe out a static into High Security and sell P3 and P4 materials. The oft laid plans of mice and men. I abandoned the project mostly for Real Life circumstances. I allowed subscriptions to lapse retaining a single active; then only recently re-subbed this particular account.

For this particular slot I am attempting to manufacture Mobile Tractors completing using six planets and one character. 

This is where it starts. Using the in-game map, I can quickly locate the required planets. I am selecting to locate a Storm Planet, which Condensates (P3 Material) which is one of the few P3's obtainable from a single planet.

I use and recommend: http://eveplanets.com/eve/components/index/show/Condensates

Before I go too far, this is not intended as a guide into PI. But rather a view into my thought process behind the choices I make for PI.

This is me trying to be clever. I have overlain the planet scan for Heavy Metals and Non-CS Crystals. These P0 materials eventually combine into the P2 Consumer Electronics. The white banded by red is the location of the Toxic whilst the yellow and green banding is the Crystals. That yellow dot in the centre represents the location of the Command Centre. Placement is a compromise, since I want ready access the both materials.

My standard setup is;

Command Centre
2 Extractors
2 Basic Factories
1 Advanced Factory
1 LaunchPad

The spaceport enables vast storage as well as access to import and export of products.

Capable of 10,000m3, and here corresponding the white scan, I will receive more Heavy Metals in a given cycle than Non-CS. The 3000 units Outgoing represent routing to the Basic Factories with 20 units of Toxic Metals being returned per cycle from factory. Every second or third period I will have both extractors focus on Non-CS to maintain a balance.

I elect to run period of 6 days and 12 hour extraction cycles. It means that per seven days I am not always on at the same hour; the planets will be ready to have the extract heads re-positioned and the cycle initialised again. Reducing the cycle will provide more returns in materials, but also exhaust the materials faster. This I have found 6d12h more manageable, attainable and realistic. 

For making P3, I will include a Storage Bay to handle the dual P2 volumes. This entails less extraction heads for P0 as a trade-off. 

The missing sequence is the High-Tech Factory (HTF). No P4 can be performed on a single planet. The HTF can only be placed on Barren or Temperate planets which are necessary for P4. I will need spreadsheet to map out the entire process P0 to P4 required. 

Historically I have made POS Fuels, repair Nanite Paste, Robotics and Guidance Systems for Drone Manufacture. This is a good progression in this field. Still having fun.

Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Twenty Days Later

One of the more interesting gifts from CCP for Christmas 2014, was access to 20 days free training for an alternative character slot within each player's active account. How many skills can be crammed into this period?

With the recent changes to the Industry interface and ease of access to NPC station slots I decided to explore deeper into the career of industry. What I do involves some invention for hulls, munitions, drones and modules. Originally many years ago I trained up for Datacore Research Agents because this was a modest passive income. One of guides I read mentioned that the length of time for level five to access the sixth R&D would be a waste of time. Because in about the same amount of time, an alt character can be trained upto four or five agents.

Cybernetics 1
Science 5
Power Grid Management 5
Research 5
Laboratory Operation 5
Graviton Physics 3
Research Project Management 3

This is the queue I developed for twenty days. Cybernetics 1 allows access to the Basic learning implants granting +3 for Intelligence and Memory. Because almost all of these skills are these attributes, I remapped as well. The clock stopped with Graviton Physics part way to level four.

All of these does come with some caveats, Laboratory Operation costs 20 million isk and Research Project Management will set you back 40 million. So from a purely profitability point of view, it is a bust. Additionally this character was a blank slate, having no standings means a restriction to Level One agents. 

If I wish I can log into the character perform the daily mission offered by the R&D agent. (only one, since there are some 20 to 30 jumps between agents which offered Level One graviton physics). The newbie frigate is perfectly suitable to mining veldspar or the courier mission for either of the two mission types offered. Currently the character receives 19.20 Research Points per 24 hours across four agents. (100 RP is exchanged per unit of Datacore).

I am not really going to gauge the success of this imperially by the income generated. I achieved the goal I set out to do, that was the measurable. It was fun.